Rear Extension with Sedum Roof

Completion date: 2016
Size: c. 50 square metres
Contract value: c.£200,000 + VAT
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About this project

The client made contact with aspirations for a large dance floor, initially thinking it could be undergound. With further exploration and consideration of options, discussing cost the client instructed our adding a six metre rear extension combining this with the rear of the house. Proposals evolved which also attempted to take the neighbours with them, which was eventually done when we incorporating a sedum roof on the 6m ground floor extension. The extension would look a rear garden when viewd from first floor windows. Sedum was also the clients preferred roof finish. It was the client's desire to have a uniform smooth floor where the design evolved into a seamless Terrazzo finish with under floor heating. The client preferred a shallow spiral wine cellar initially which increased in depth toward the latter stages. 

The client carefully chose the finish of the kitchen with all appliances. The design also incorporated re-arranging the the ground floor to incorporate the preferred sanitary accommodation and reduced utility room.

The client had realistic expectations concerning cost and when a quote was received £2k less than their expected cost they appoint this builder, after I had taken them to two previous projects. The client chose to administer the contract with the builder. Photos courtesy of PRS Builders Ltd.  

client's frequent comment upon the design