Three differing planning applications, one high-tech architecture, one flat roof, one pitched roof prepared for extending a Town House in Wimbledon submitted for planning.

The client for this project, in Wimbledon, wishes to extend their house to the rear, with either a fully glazed high-tech design, flat roof or traditional pitched roof extension.

The client has provided specific architectural requirements for the extension and these are being addressed as best they can for the budget.

The client wishes to extend the Party Walls for this Town House in Wimbledon, maximising internal area, this already being agreed with one neighbour, to be discussed further with the other.  

Architect's samples of the glass for the folding doors and glass for the conservatory roof have been provided for client review.  

Architectural sample of a double roof tile, allowing roof to be at a lower pitch, for option two, has also been dropped off for the client, to review.

A meeting has taken place with Merton Planners to discuss the Prior Approval submission, and the client has discussed the proposals with their neighbours.

AEW architects, Wimbledon offer to visit the neighbours of all clients, to discuss the proposals with them, before they are submitted for planning.

The Permitted Development applications with flat and with pitched roof have been submitted and received Certificates of Lawful Development. The Prior Approval applications for a 3.6m long extension for flat and pitched roof were also submitted. Both applications have been granted planning approval.

The client has provided instructions to continue with the Building Control tage incpoorporating major changes to the front of the house to help bring light in.