Wrap around extension in Conversion Area

Completion date: Sept 2013
Size: 100 sqm
Contract value: Not Disclosable
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  • 3_11 Westcoombe front (800 x 600)
  • Westcoombe Avenue -4272 x 2848 (Landscape)
  • Westcoombe Avenue 3 2848 x 4272  (Portrait)
  • Westcoombe Avenue 4272 x 2848 (Landscape)
About this project

The Client's instructions for this project were; to add as much area as possible to allow for, amongst other things, a separate office for the father and son so they could each work from home. While a previous planning application, to just convert the garage, in this Conservation Area, had been refused, the proposals this time were much more extensive.

The client wished to convert the garage at the side of the house and extend this space all the way down the side and continue it as far as possible to the rear behind the house.  The client also wished to have a rear extension all the way across the full width of the plot, extending out as far as possible.

The design incorporated a new bay window to the front, where the garage door was, and continued this side extension all the way down the side boundary to the rear.  This side extension continued for a further 4.9 metres beyond the line of the original rear of the house.  The 4.9 metre rear extension stretched across the plot until it had to step back in by 1.6m, where it was to abut the boundary with the neighbour, the other half of the semi-detached house.

One of the client's offices was positioned at the front, with the bay window, and the other at the rear overlooking the large landscaped garden.  In the extra space between the two a utility room and shower room were incorporated.

The extra depth to the rear extended the kitchen and reception room, providing the extra space the client was seeking.

Following the preparation of drawings and consultation with Merton planners, an application for the garage conversion, side and stepped rear extension was lodged.  These achieved planning and Conservation Area consent in late 2012.  

The Building Control Full Plans submission and Thames Water applications were submitted, agreement was reached in Spring 2013.

The client proposed a phased construction with the first phase to start in April 2013, and its fitting around the Client living and working from home. Completion of pase one was achieved in September 2013. 

The client was asked to score the architectural service they had received, the following feedback was provided;

1. Did you think the fees charged were competetive? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 4.

2. Did you think the service you received was professional? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 5.

3. What did you think about the quality of drawing, designs provided? 5 = high, 1 = low. Feedback 5.

4. What did you think about the speed in which the service was provided? 5 = quick, 1 = slow. Feedback = 4.

5. Were you happy with the support while the various applications progressed? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 5.

6. Were you happy with the explanations of how the various processes worked? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 5.

7. If you had to have the designs prepared again would you use AEW? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 5.

8. If a friend asked if you knew an architect, would you mention AEW? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 5.

9. Were you pleased with your end result? 5 = yes, 1 = no. Feedback 4.

Feedback provided by client Mrs. O. S.