Mansard Loft Conversion & Other Refurbishment

Completion date: Jan 2014
Size: 100 sqm
Contract value: £80,000

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  • En-suite good colour and shower handle
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About this project

The Client's instructions for this project were; they wished for a Mansard Loft conversion, but it had to have at least 200mm more head room than all other lofts they had visited on the same road.  This was done by carefully positioning the UC beam down within the depth of the ceiling joists, requiring them to be cut and fixed to the blocking with long leg hangers.  The new floor joists were inserted between the existing ceiling joists and fixed to the same blocking.  To maximise headroom at ceiling level the Actis foil was turned up the sides of joist faces so the internal Duplex lining could be fixed direct to the ceiling joists.  The use of slim line EuroLED lights required no extra depth be provided for the light fittings.

A Bauder flat roof was specified for the loft roof and the client was provided a 20 year guarantee for materials and workmanship.  The roof was re-slated with the client's preferred slate and the party walls were built up with their preferred London Stock brick.  The client requested uPVC windows and was encouraged to visit a showroom close by, to choose the beading and easy clean options for the double hung sash. Careful condition surveys were carried out for both neighbours, before work was carried out, it is suggested this prevented any claims, against the client after the works were completed.

Time wise the project was submitted for planning, as this was not a Permitted Development dormer.  Permission was attained quickly and the Building Control submission was made immediately. The tender package was prepared carefully with the client and the project was issued for tender. The client took our advice on the selection of the builder and the project was finished in good time with little delay.  The client also, at the same time, instructed a refurbishment of the house throughout with new external landscaping using reclaimed London stock bricks.

This was an investment project for the client and they appeared to be very happy with the results.  They provided the following feedback afterwards; 

We made the decision to go with Seth Handley, based on the inspections of his other projects in Wimbledon, - we also preferred his very clear plans, drawings.

Seth promised he would provide us what we desired, and he delivered.

He is thorough, giving time and attention, to each detail.

He was overseeing and directing the project, and the builders, right through to the end.

Seth also kept to his projected fees.

Deciding to go with Seth Handley, was definitely the right decision for us. 

Loftus T