New Chalet House, 4 New Dwellings

Completion date: 2016
Size: 313 sqm
Contract value: Not Disclosable
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About this project

Four or five previous planning applications had been made by other architects for the previous owner of this site in Wimbledon.  

The planning officer's comments concerning the existing planning refusals were studied in detail and a first architectural design was prepared for the new house to the rear of the site, conversion of ground floor from restaurant to self contained flat, converted first floor to self contained flat. The proposals also included the addition of a Mansard loft conversion and introduction of second floor Duplex apartment. Each point of the planning officer's reasons for refusal was addressed.

A pre-application meeting was arranged with the Merton Planning officer who had considered, refused, all the earlier applications.  The feedback from Merton was validly referring the proposals to the new London Plan minimum space requirements.  The advice was all taken on board and proposals amended, shadow studies submitted, for Merton's North team planning leader.  

Merton indicated the second pre application submission would be granted permission.  

Following the planning application, approval was provided for the new Chalet style house to the rear, a change of use from Restaurant to a Ground Floor self contained Flat.  Change of use was also granted for the upper floors from restaurant staff accommodation to self contained flats, with the top flat having an extra floor added, a new Mansard Loft Conversion, making this a Duplex Flat.

Following the grant of planning a meeting was arranged with Merton Building Control's principal officer, and the proposals were discussed with regard to, the Building Regulations; escape in case of fire, acoustic separation and other matters.  The full plans set of Building Control drawings were prepared for the scheme.

The project was subsequently sold by the client, who bought it as an investment. The project has been developed by the new owner, it is complete on site.  The client provided the following feedback; 

"I would like to thank you again for the work you have put into this project, both Letty and myself really appreciate it. I will recommend you to the new buyer and I hope that you will be able to see this project through with him."

email from client Mr. Paul L.