Seth Handley BSc(Hons)(LOND)., MSc(LOND).,DipArch., Dip.Law (Com.)., RIBA., FCIArb., MAE., Barrister (n.p.)., 

Seth Handley has been a practising member of The Academy of Experts for a number of years.  

Seth Handley has been cross examined in the High Court, Technology and Construction Court, Cardiff.

Seth Handley has been a Court approved Single Joint Expert in accord with CPR 35.7 providing an expert report and answering further questions from each Party.

Seth Handley has been cross examined as an expert in an architect's registration board, disciplinary hearing. 

Seth Handley's experience

Seth Handley has been a practicing architect since 1995.  He has worked on commercial office, shopping centres, hotels, large and small scale residential projects, Olympic swimming venue and large scale hospitals.  Seth Handley's experience covers the full extent of an architect's appointment and has concentrated on the technical aspects of each stage of the design process.      

Types of Expert Reports Prepared

Seth Handley has been appointed to write expert architect reports covering areas such as;

  • negligence of architect in over certifying work on a residential project, discovered when the builder abandoned site,
  • negligence of the design and build contractor in their construction of a large dental surgery, 
  • failure of an architect to detail the timber frame houses properly, resulting in failure of each house within a year of completion,
  • failure of the architect to design within the area surveyed, resulting in the scheme requiring a sheer rock face to be removed,
  • failure of the architect to carefully examine the completed project before providing a; "Professional Consultant's Certificate",
  • Scott Schedule with 360 alleged defects in the builder's work before the builder was evicted from site without notice,
  • whether the new town houses alleged to have been completed, satisfied the planning and contract conditions,
  • whether architect was negligent failing to award extensions when relevant events occured, leaving assessment of time till completion,
  • negligence of architect in certifying 'Practical Completion' when there was a multitude of defects still existing.

Parties who have instructed Expert Reports;

Seth Handley has been instructed by the following Party's to a dispute;

  • each of the owners of new houses jointly, when all the houses failed in a new development,
  • the land owner when the design prepared could not be built and he could not sell, due to patent conditions on site,
  • the builder when he was accused of seriously defective work and ordered to leave site without notice,
  • both the developer and builder as a 'Single Joint Expert' concerning the development's completion,
  • surgeon concerning over certification, discovered after the builder had abandoned the work,
  • dental surgeon with a defectively designed, built dental surgery by design and build contractor, 
  • developer when his projects were finished over a year after the agreed 'completion date',
  • purchaser of a new house, stables sold with the benefit of a "Professional Consultant's Certificate",
  • solicitor owner, of detached house in Dublin, when numerous patent defects existed at 'Practical Completion'. 

Seth Handley Professional Memberships

Seth Handley Education

  • 2007 Diploma in Professional Legal Studies, from The City University,
  • 2001 Diploma in Law, with commendation, from BPP Law School,
  • 1999 MSc in Construction Law and Arbitration, from Kings College London,
  • 1995 Professional Practice in Architecture, RIBA Part III,
  • 1994 Diploma in Architecture, RIBA Part II,
  • 1992 BSc(Hons) Architecture, Planning, Building & Environmental Studies, from UCL, RIBA Part I
  • 1988 N. Diploma in Engineering, civil eng. with distinction from D.I.T.,
  • 1984 N. Diploma in Construction Studies (Architecture) from LCoACT.

pdfCV of Seth Handley Expert Architect (26 May 2016)